10 Biggest MrBeast Giveaway Challenge Winners; How They Spent Their Money, and Where They’re Now

MrBeast giveaway challenges are real but not fake as many have speculated – The lives of some winners confirm.

Jimmy Donaldson popularly known as MrBeast continues to be the top content creator in the world. In 2022, he surpassed PewDiePie as the individual YouTuber with the most subscribers.

Unless you’re yet to know him, he has over 130 million subscribers and billions of total views on his channel. Jimmy built his astronomical success with hard work, and passion for the craft.

Challenges and giveaways are the main types of content he produces. Jimmy creates ridiculous challenges of broad basis in his videos, offering thousands of dollars as a reward for success.

How much money did MrBeast give away in 2022? Only in 2022, Jimmy has given away almost $8 Million dollars to the winners of his challenges. MrBeast gave away at least $3.2 million — plus a $2.5 million jet and a private island — in challenge prizes, according to all the YouTube videos he posted in 2022, per Insides. While these humongous sums have given people a new life, it has also made some of them face harsh consequences.

Why does MrBeast give away so much money? In multiple videos across his channel, MrBeast explains that the money he gives away helps him to continue his career and generate more views on his content. With each donation, he gets millions of views. These views become a return investment for him, which he is then able to profit from.

What are some of MrBeast’s video challenges? You may see that he takes on pricey challenges if you visit the MrBeast channel. An expensive challenge in this case is a type of challenge video by MrBeast where a limited number of known contestants compete for a large prize like $100,000. These known contestants are usually MrBeast’s main crew members like Chris TysonChandler Hallow, and/or Karl Jacobs, but they could also be his other friends like Nolan Hansen or Tareq. Some of his challenges include the Private Island series, Hide and Seek concepts, Last to leave circle wins, Last to remove the hand, gets Lamborghini, and Last to leave slime pit wins, just to mention a few.

Who are the biggest MrBeast giveaway winners? There are many people that have won money from MrBeast. 9 of our biggest are Cam, Shawn Hendrix, Della Vlogs, Chandler, Zealous, Zach King, Guild Anas, Manntonice, and W2S – all won millions of dollars in the form of jets, private islands, chocolate factories, and even Squid Game.

We only see them emerge winners in the videos but we never really heard anything about how they spent the money and what they are up to nowadays. TheVibely has gathered 10 of MrBeast Giveaway winners and where they are today. Make sure to read to the end to find out who became a millionaire.

10. Cam

Do you remember when NetFlix released the popular Korean series ‘Squid Game’? Yes, that birthed the concept of Mrbeast’s challenge. The philanthropic YouTube created a real-life Squid Game video which is so far his biggest and most watched video on his channel, titled “$456,000 Squid Game in real life” and has garnered over 360 million views today.

In the challenge video, he invited 456 competitors who are mostly his subscribers to compete for a $456,000 cash reward in a real-world version of the popular Netflix show Squid Game. The contest’s victor was a man by the name of Cam.

Cam was able to defeat all 456 competitors and win the competition despite applying late. Many people tried to approach him after he won the money, but he ignored them. Cam has disclosed that he will use the funds to support his family and develop his future.

MrBeast Challenge winner
Shawn Hendrix with his family after winning the MrBeast challenge.
Source: YouTube

9. Shawn Hendrix

Another person who won big in MrBeast’s challenge is Shawn Hendrix who was awarded half a million dollars. His video on the channel is titled ‘Survive 100 Days In Circle, Win $500,000‘.

It takes a determined man like Shawn to win this type of challenge even after being under absurd conditions. With few resources, he had successfully spent 100 days in a circle. He had lost all contact with his family.

Following his winnings of $500,000, Shawn invested the money in his dream house in North Carolina and started his own TikTok and YouTube accounts. His first purchase with the money was a John Deer hat.

Hendrix also got the opportunity to work with MrBeast as he is currently a full-time director of development at MrBeast. He started working in September 2022, per his LinkedIn profile.

8. Della Vlogs

One special thing and why most YouTubers love MrBeast is that he doesn’t exclude them in his challenges and Della Vlogs is an example of this claim. Della Vlogs consist of YouTube couple Bella and Dallin who were already running a successful channel for a few years before hopping on the MrBeast challenge video.

MrBeast announced that he will be doing a chocolate factory challenge somewhere around January 2022 adding that partakers should purchase products from his snack company feastable to get tickets to participate. Bella and Dallin spent $1000 on feastables and won for themselves a ticket and subsequently emerged winner of the challenge ‘I Built A Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory‘.

After the YouTube vloggers won $500,000 in the chocolate factory challenge, their channel reached a million subscribers. Using these funds, the couple bought many assets, including a farm. They also donated a lot of money to charity and Bella, being a self-made young millionaire, they were able to donate almost $6 Million to NGOs. 

7. Chandler Hallow

Among all Mrbeast friends, Chandler is one of the top victors in MrBeast giveaway challenges. In 2020, the crew was among competitors of a Private Island in a video titled “Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It”. In the end, Karl and Chandler – all MrBeast’s close friends were at made it to the finals, however, Chandler won.

The MrBeast team’s affable member had won a sizable island worth $800,000 from one of the challenge films. For a long time, Chandler had kept this island to himself. But finally, he had to sell it since he could no longer afford the taxes and maintenance. He’s still a part of the Mr. Beast crew. Along with that, he recently got married and established his own fashion line.

6. Zealous

Another YouTuber who has won big in MrBeast’s challenge is a man called Zealous. Zealous was one of the individuals who got to make their career thanks to MrBeast. Zealous didn’t even have 100k subs when he applied for a MrBeast challenge.

He joined the challenge after Jimmy posted a google doc form for YouTubers with less than 100,000 subscribers to fill and Zealous who wasn’t big as of today joined and fortunately for him, he had a call from MrBeast.

Among other small YouTubers, MrBeast gave out a challenge ‘Last To Take Hand Off Diamond Play Button’ and Zealous emerged as the winner. The video on his channel is titled “Get This Random Person 1,000,000 Subscribers“.

But after appearing in Jimmy’s video, Zealous’s channel skyrocketed as he gained millions of subscribers and a spotlight for his content. He uploaded a video about winning the challenge and it had over 10 million views. Currently, he has over 3 million subscribers and a very successful career as a content creator earning $1 million in annual Adsense revenue from his channel.

WESTWOOD, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 09: Zach King attends Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation Premiere of “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” at Regency Village Theatre on February 09, 2019, in Westwood, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

5. Zach King

You must be living under a rock to not know who Zach King is. He is one of the most humongous content creators in the world. He is famous on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok with millions of followers on each platform.

Zach was among 10 other YouTubers who participated in the video titled ‘Extreme $1,000,000 Hide and Seek‘ challenge. Zach won after his other competitor fell asleep and got disqualified.

Zach spent $1 million in filmmaking and foster care donations. He made a video on how he used the money; he gave away $850K in cash, kind of like paying for tuition fees and others. He gave the remaining $150K to the winner of his video challenge on his channel.

4. Guild Anas

  • Prize Won: $1,000,000
  • Video: MrBeast’s Extreme Fortnite Tournament

MrBeast’s Fortnite tournament, named MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge, was live on December 17, from 12 PM until 3 PM ET. During this time a limited-time Creative island was available and, on this island, those that joined in had the chance to earn a high score and take the prize home. Although competitions don’t usually work like this, this time around gamers could enter as many matches as they wanted during this time.

Each time players went in, there would be different rounds with all sorts of challenges; how well they did would result in earning more points at the end of the round.

The winner of MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge was GUILD Anas, a professional Fortnite player for Guild eSports. Anas even talked about his victory on his Twitter account but this isn’t the first Fortnite competition that Anas has won. For those interested in watching the victory stream, it’s available on Anas’s Twitch channel, AnasEU. He finishes his last match and receives the news that he has won around the 26-minute mark.

3. Mark (Manntonice won $1 million)

In December 2019, MrBeast wrapped his $1 million challenge series with a gripping twist, changing the final winner’s life in a major way that left him emotionally shaken. This winner of the ‘Last To Stop Riding Bike Win $1,000,000 (Part 4)‘ challenge was a man named Mark now known online as Manntonice.

According to Mark, he only had $5 in his bank and his girlfriend was taking care of him at that time before the miracle he never thought of happened.

He set aside $340K for taxes, he secured a new car and a brand-new home for $165K. Prior to getting a new house, he gave the film crew a tour of his house, showing that he shared the small abode with a second family and that his cousin was sleeping on a popped air mattress.

Mark as a devoted Christian gave most of his money to charity. According to Justicul (from the video below) Mark wasn’t able to keep his money.

Mark launched his YouTube channel and currently has over 100K subscribers. He has stopped unloading for close to a year now.

2. Harry Lewis (W2S)

Harry Lewis from Sidemen is the biggest MrBeast giveaway challenge winner of all time after winning a $2.5 million private jet by out-competing other creators like IshowSpeed, and George Not Found, among others.

In the video, the participants had to keep one of their fingers on the plane, and whoever is that one person to be the last won. In the end, Harry and George Not Found were the top two but eventually, the Sidemen member emerged as the winner.

Harry gave the jet to his sister and brother. There hasn’t been an update on Harry’s prize however, he is constantly part of videos shared on the Sidemen channel.

1. Unknown person

An individual whose name hasn’t been revealed yet could have easily been MrBeast’s biggest giveaway winner. He participated in the challenge ‘I Gave My 100,000,000th Subscriber A Private Island‘ in a video shared on August 2022.

Unfortunately, the price of that Island remains unknown to date and so is the identity of the winner itself for verification.

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