What Did 6ix9ine Say About PNB Rock’s Death? Tekashi 6ix9ine Trolls PNB Rock’s Death

The Brooklyn rapper made jokes about the 30-year-old’s shocking death.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is not upset about PNB Rock’s death. Following the news of the Philly rapper’s murder, the 26-year-old “Gummy” rapper took to Instagram to poke at the incident. He shared a photo of a waffle emoji to his story, writing, “Homie died over [waffle emoji].” PNB Rock was gunned down on Monday at a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles. 

The late rapper’s relationship with 6ix9ine has always been a tumultuous one. Back in 2020, PNB responded to a video of Tekashi, saying he would be happy if the Brooklyn rapper got smoked. “If he get smoked my life will be made no kizzyy,” PNB commented. After catching wind of the diss, 6ix9ine clapped back, “You fell off the face of the earth.” The heated exchange wasn’t the first time the rappers bumped heads. In 2018, PNB joked on Twitter, “Some b**** in the car wit my bro talkin bout can i play 6ixnine album even tho he a rat? Lol i hate this new generation I SWEAR.” 

Aside from trolling late rappers on social media, Tekashi recently revealed that he’s taking a break from releasing music because he’s “trying to get mentally right.” Last month, the “FeFe” rapper’s girlfriend Jade was arrested after he told police she struck him in the face during an argument at a restaurant. Shortly after, Jade issued a no-contact order against the star — however, he doesn’t think the motion is necessary, telling reporters that his relationship is in good shape. 

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