How Much Money Has Trainwreckstv Made From Gambling? Trainwreck Reveals Massive Total He Was Paid From Twitch Gambling Sponsors

Streamer Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam has revealed the insane amount he got paid to gamble on Twitch, adding that he giveaway close to $70M of that to his fans.

Following an announcement from Twitch on September 20, the platform’s TOS has now been updated to reflect the latest rules prohibiting gambling as of October 18.

The announcement came after tons of backlash from the streaming community, which reached a fever pitch when it was uncovered that Twitch partner ‘ItsSliker’ scammed his viewers and other streamers out of over $200,000 to fuel his gambling addiction.

Trainwreck, who’s widely known for gambling streams on Twitch has been very outspoken against the site-wide ban, even slamming the platform as “corrupt.” Now, after gambling on the site for 16 months, he’s finally revealed how much he was being paid by his sponsor.


Trainwrecks reveal gambling sponsor earnings

On October 19, Trainwrecks was playing Overwatch 2 with his friends who were streaming at the time, when he ultimately decided to be completely honest and reveal how much he was actually paid by his gambling sponsor Stake.

“I’ll release what I got paid since the beginning of my contract. I’ve been paid $360 million for 16 months of gambling,” he said.

“It’s released, it’s done, there you go you dumb f**ks,” he added. “I could buy Hasan, Poki, and Ludwig all together and sell them and buy them again, f**king pussies.”

The Twitch star further revealed that out of the $360 million he earned, more than $70 million of that was given to his community.

“You wanna know what’s crazy? Of that $360 million, I’ve given away off-stream and on-stream like close to $70 million. Like $75 million. Think about that.”

Over the 16 months that Train was gambling, it works out that he was paid $22.5 million a month, or just over a staggering $30,821 an hour.

It’s unclear what’s exactly in store next for the Twitch star. Recently, he unveiled his plans to start his own streaming platform, which will be aimed to help smaller creators. Though it’s likely it’ll be a while till we see it come to fruition.

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