Why Is Coy Wire Replacing Carl Azuz On CNN10?

Is Carl Azuz replaced by Coy Wire on CNN 10? Here’s everything we know.

A new season of CNN 10 has begun and fans were surprised to see a new host on the educative show. This led many worried and curious fans to ponder whether Carl Azuz, the initial host still works for CNN after his absence was felt.

Carl Azuz is a popular American journalist, who is currently working as a writer and presenter for CNN Student News. He is most known for his work at CNN Channel.

CNN 10 returned for a new season on Monday, September 12th, but with a surprising host shake-up. Instead of longtime anchor Carl Azuz, viewers were greeted by sports correspondent Coy Wire.

Fans would want to know more if CNN 10 has a new host since Carl Azuz’s absence was felt. Is Coy Wire replacing Carl Azuz?

Carl Azuz

Is Carl Azuz replaced by Coy Wire on CNN 10?

Coy Wire is a new CNN10 Host that could be the replacement of our beloved Carl Azuz. He was first seen in the first video of the 2022-2023 season, yet we are still unsure if he will continue to stand in for Carl.

According to Coy Wire’s Wikipedia profile Since 2015, he has worked for CNN as a sports anchor and correspondent since. He currently is the anchor of CNN 10, succeeding Carl Azuz on September 12th, 2022.

CNN has, however, not responded nor released any statement concerning the host change on the show yet.

Many people already dislike the new host, most likely because he can’t pun as well as Carl, also leading many to unsubscribe. The video he debuted in has gotten more dislikes than likes due to Carl Azuz not being present.

Fans of Azuz believe he is being held hostage by Great Britain, and he may never get released. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait.

A reason for Azuz’s sudden departure has not been provided beyond a statement CNN provided to The U.S. Sun.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Carl for the years he dedicated to CNN 10 and CNN as an organization,” the statement begins.

“We know the students, teachers, faculty and loyal viewers of CNN 10 join us in sending him a heartfelt thank you for providing the news – in a fun, entertaining, and factual way – to a generation.

“Carl is leaving the company due to a personal decision, and we wish him the very best in his next chapter and future adventures.”

Coy Wire
Coy Wire

Who is Coy Wire?

Coy Wire joined CNN in 2015 as a full-time sports anchor and correspondent. Wire is an award-winning journalist, anchoring daily Bleacher Report segments and contributing across all CNN platforms.

Wire appears regularly on CNN programs such as Early Start, New Day and CNN Newsroom, as well as HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade and Weekend Express with Susan Hendricks. He also serves as a host of World Sport on CNN International.

Wire has hosted several international and domestic travel series, including the award-winning True Tokyo. His work on a broad range of stories can also be seen on CNN Digital.

Wire has reported from the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, four Olympics (2016 Rio, 2018 PyeongChang, 2020 Tokyo, 2022 Beijing), the annual Army vs. Navy football game, and multiple Masters, Super Bowls, and College Football Playoff National Championship games.

As a former professional athlete, Wire uses his experiences, insight, and contacts every day at CNN. Wire graduated from Stanford University, where he was the first player in modern school history to lead the team in rushing in one year and tackles the following year. After his time at Stanford, Wire was drafted into the NFL by the Buffalo Bills in 2002.

Wire was named Team Captain for both the Buffalo Bills and the Atlanta Falcons during his nine years in the league.

Throughout his NFL career, Wire received several honors including the Ed Block Courage Award, the Buffalo Bills Walter Payton Man of the Year, and Special Teams Player of the Year.

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