Is MrBeast On Kick? The Twitch Rival Gaming Platform Has Gained Traction

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson can’t stop talking about Kick, and that’s got people wondering if he’s involved with the Twitch rival. So, here’s what we know. 

Over the years, there have been plenty of challengers that have risen up and tried to knock Twitch off its perch as the biggest streaming platform around. 

In the last few months, the Amazon-owned platform has seen a new challenger approach in the form of Kick. The Stake-backed platform has promised to be a better home for streamers, giving them splits of 95/5 on subscription money, as well as not tying creators down to exclusive contracts.

They have managed to wrestle some big names away from Twitch – including Adin Ross – and there have been rumors of them signing even more. MrBeast has also been circling around things, prompting some talk of him being involved.


MrBeast can’t stop talking about Kick

The YouTube star has been in and around the platform’s social media posts, constantly responding and interacting as Kick has made some headway. 

When this fact was pointed out by a few users, including Jake Lucky, MrBeast responded with a simple message. “Just enjoying the show,” he said, shutting down any serious involvement of him with the platform. So, no, he’s not involved.

However, Kick did use that to further ramp up speculation around him helping them. After he responded to yet another one of their tweet teasing new signings, the platform quote tweeted it, saying: “1 like and we’ll make MrBeast CEO of Kick.” Though, he hasn’t interacted back with that at the time of writing. 

The interactions have been similar to his ones with Elon Musk around running Twitter. So, given he hasn’t taken over as Twitter CEO, don’t expect him to be running Kick anytime soon. 

Donaldson has dipped his toe into the world of streaming, as he’s played games with the likes of PewDiePie, JackSepticeye, and Karl Jacobs on his MrBeast Gaming channel.

He’s unlikely to make a permanent into streaming anyway, especially given all the leg work that goes into his massively popular YouTube videos.

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