12 Top Breast Reduction Creams: Here’s A List Of Best Creams To Decrease Your Breast Size (Reviews, Prices, Stores)

Breast reduction creams: how to reduce breast size by applying cream? Here’s a list of 12 creams that can help decrease your breast size.

Breasts have always been the center of attraction and they are integral to a female body and define feminity.

Larger breasts have always been glorified in poetry and films, the reality is far from true! Only a woman with a heavy bust will understand the daily struggles she undergoes. The majority of women are not happy about their size. Bigger breasts can lead to health issues like backache and neck pain. If you are one of those who think having big boobs is a bane, then you must learn to use some creams to reduce breast size!

Breast tissue in humans develops in front of the pectoral muscles on the thorax. Larger breasts can often cause discomfort and specific health problems. To avoid discomfort, many women go for surgery for breast reduction. Though surgery is one of the choices for them, it is even better to try something natural and safe that does not require going under the knife. Breast reduction creams are ideal for this purpose. Read till the end for the best breast reduction creams that are easily available and safe to use.

What Causes Bigger Breasts?

Here are some prominent breast causes:

NOTE: In such cases, please contact a doctor before you try out these breast reduction exercises.

Purpose of Breast Reduction

Large, sagging breasts are a sheer discomfort to most women. The weight of oversized breasts is felt on the neck, shoulders, and back, which causes serious strain and leads to painful physical symptoms. Some of the most common health issues experienced by women with heavy-weight breasts are poor posture, herniated discs, backache, headaches, discomfort while walking, etc. Huge breasts also create a flabby and unappealing body shape, thereby making women self-conscious and impacting their life in a negative way. However, breast reduction can help them combat these physical and psychological changes successfully.

Why Choose Creams Over Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is an outpatient cosmetic procedure in which an experienced surgeon removes extra fat, tissue, and skin through incisions made on the undersides of both breasts. But just like any other surgical invasion, it is expensive and risky. While the risks associated with breast reduction surgery are usually minimal, you can still suffer from a decrease or loss of sensation, asymmetry, scarring, breastfeeding issues, allergic reactions, and long recovery time (3).

Breast reduction creams, on the other hand, are a comparatively safer choice than this. When massaged into the skin, specifically the subcutaneous tissue), these creams can soften or sometimes even eliminate excess subcutaneous fat, thereby decreasing the size of the breasts naturally. The method is simple, affordable, and free from side effects or the appearance of scar marks.

Best creams for reducing breast size

1. Votre Tissue Nourishment Lotion
2. VLCC Shape Up Breast Reduction/Firming Cream
3. In Life Breast Reduction Cream
4. Alexaderm Breast Reduction And Contouring Cream
5. Lasky Herbal Blossom Cream To Reduce Breast Size
6. Hashmi Cute B Cream
7. Lass Anti Cellulite Massage Oil
8. Neutriherbs Breast Reducing Cream Tightening Breast Shape
9. Real Plus Body Slimming Cream
10. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream
11. Ciel Contour Firming Cream
12. phos4us Bust Tightening Cream

Here is a compilation of the 12 most effective breast reduction creams for rightly-sized, firmer, and tighter busts.

1. Votre Tissue Nourishment Lotion

Votre Tissue Nourishment Lotion - 12 Top Breast Reduction Creams: Here's A List Of Best Creams To Decrease Your Breast Size (Reviews, Prices, Stores)

The Votre Tissue Nourishment Lotion is a specially designed cream that helps to tighten breasts by strengthening their muscles. It contains rare and precious actives to provide you with a healthy bust line.

Key Features:

  • A natural treatment for breast reduction and tightening
  • Full of vegetable complexes, plant, flower, fruit, and marine complexes
  • Perfect breast recontouring for a better shape
  • Nourishes breast tissues
  • Strengthens breast muscles
  • Tightens oversized breasts
  • Uplifts sagging breasts
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic product
  • Microbiologically, dermatologically, and clinically tested
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Safe to apply even during the nursing period

Price: Rs. 890 for 150 gm.

2. VLCC Shape Up Breast Reduction/Firming Cream

12 Top Breast Reduction Creams: Here's A List Of Best Creams To Decrease Your Breast Size (Reviews, Prices, Stores)

One of the famous brands comes in the form of VLCC when we talk about women and their body care. VLCC Shape up is one such breast reduction cream that provides a firmness to it. They claim that you will start seeing the results in about 21 days. VLCC Breast Reduction cream is ayurvedic and uses organic and natural ingredients. So next time you want someone to envy your good looks and perfect figure, this is it!

Key Ingredients: Oils of Simmondsia California (Jojoba) 0.5%, Vitis Vinifera Seed (Grape Seed)0.3%, Cyperus Pertenuis (Cyprus)0.15%, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) 0.1%, Geranium Sylvaticum (Geranium) 0.2%, Punica Grantum (Pomegranate) 0.5%, Soja Hispida (Soybean) Extract 1%, Cream Base Q.S.

How To Use:

  • Take adequate quantity of cream and apply from the base of the breasts to the neck with the firm and circular upward strokes.
  • It will help to lift the skin’s support structure over the entire ‘lift zone’.
  • Use in the morning & evening and allow it to remain for 6-8 hours.
  • Avoid application on the nipple area.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Cream.
  • Firms Breasts.
  • Reduces sagging and oversize.

Rating: 3

Price: Rs. 498 for 100 ml.

3. In Life Breast Reduction Cream

12 Top Breast Reduction Creams: Here's A List Of Best Creams To Decrease Your Breast Size (Reviews, Prices, Stores)

It works by motivating the enlargement of cells in our body. In addition to this, the herbal formula also assists in controlling the pH plus hydration issue in our body. By slowly boosting the number of breast tissues; assists one to improve breast size logically. Whatever Natural herbs are included in the cream increases fatty tissues ahead of correct assimilation, thus providing reduction and form to one’s breast. It’s cost about 400/- 100 gm.

Key Ingredients: Herbal ingredients.

How To Use:

  • Massage gently in the upward direction and in back and forth movement to cover the entire area.
  • Leave it for the entire day.

Key Benefits:

  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Good packaging.
  • Reasonable pricing.

Rating: 3.9

Price: Rs. 579 for 100 gm.

4. Alexaderm Breast Reduction And Contouring Cream

12 Top Breast Reduction Creams: Here's A List Of Best Creams To Decrease Your Breast Size (Reviews, Prices, Stores)

It has a low Scent, is Non-greasy, and has no stain plus it is simple to smear. Its single tube is enough for giving the result. You can use this two times a day; once in the morning and the other at night.

This one is a natural breast cream to reduce breast size. Cost ranges at about 5000 rupees and is probably one of the costliest on the list, however, let us assure you, the benefits are equally eye-catching and hard to miss. It is a good deal, with zero side effects that you should take up without even thinking for a bit. It can be used by teens in their growing years to effectively control their saggy breasts.

Key Ingredients: Poria, glycerol, ginkgo, rhubarb cream concentrate, Aloe Vera extract, caffeine silanol, safflower oil.

How To Use:

  • Use regularly as per instructions.

Key Benefits:

  • Good packaging.
  • Easy to use.
  • No side effects.

Rating: 2

Price: Rs. 2300 for 0.3 ounces

5. Lasky Herbal Blossom Cream To Reduce Breast Size

12 Top Breast Reduction Creams: Here's A List Of Best Creams To Decrease Your Breast Size (Reviews, Prices, Stores)

It contains herbs that are extremely beneficial in natural firmness tones plus improve tissues of the breast, regulate female hormones, increase the fatty tissues plus ligaments, and maximize blood flow. It reinforces the triangle of skin that holds the bust the ‘natural bra’. This cream has a tapering effect that helps tone the muscle-sustaining skin (the ‘natural bra’).

The herbal cream that we are discussing here is different from the cosmetic ones we covered so far. It can be all yours if you can shell out just INR 330. The cream is worth the price you pay in every sense and can guarantee quick results because of the ingredients and the way it works.

Key Ingredients: Shatavari.

How To Use:

  • Use regularly as per instructions.

Key Benefits:

  • Ayurvedic formula.
  • Safe on skin.
  • Gives good shape.

Rating: NA

Price: Rs. 399 for 50 gm. 

6. Hashmi Cute B Cream

Cute-B is a natural breast reduction cream that is successful in dropping cup size in women who have a large size. It controls levels of estrogenic hormones in women that are accountable for their breast size. The cream not only reduces breast size naturally but also has other benefits such as improvement in shape, toned figure, increased firmness, and also prevents sagging or drooping of breasts. It is a GMP-certified product that is created by a mix of natural herbal ingredients.

Among breast reduction creams, this one is the first on the list and is placed at Rupees 2179. A fairly high amount to pay, but the bottle lasts for a long time and no side effects are normally reported. As if that wasn’t good news enough, you are also getting good deals like a reduction in the dropping of your breasts, and certain things like that are achieved by the cream, as promised.

Price: Rs. 2179.00 for 50 gm.

7. Lass Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

This massage oil is an outstanding mixture of essential Oils combined for Anti-Cellulite properties. While massaged into the skin surface quietly, it helps to break down extreme cellulite. It burns cellular fat into consumable energy whereas massaged regularly and help you to get an extra toned, firmer plus slimmer, waist in addition tummy. This product also contains Silver Birch and Cypress oil that has brilliant anti-Cellulite properties.

It is priced at 210 INR; This breast reduction cream will have bought significant positive results upon regular usage. Try this safe massage oil for the best results.

8. Neutriherbs Breast Reducing Cream Tightening Breast Shape

This breast cream contains wild radix Pueraria essence extract, collagen ginseng angelica river Xiong Frankincense black cohosh and helps in breast tightening and chest reduction.

Standing tall at 19 $, which stands for a sum of around 1300 Indian rupees, the third one on this list is a good breast size reduction cream, which shows strong results right away. It is not only popular among women with a different taste in the creams they choose, but also ones who are cautious about everything that goes on their body. It has no reported side effects that you need to worry about.

9. Real Plus Body Slimming Cream Chinese Herbal Slimming Cosmetics Breast Dropping Cream

It involves deionized water, Poria, glycerol, ginkgo, rhubarb cream concentrate, Aloe Vera extract, caffeine silanol, safflower oil. Slimming cream can compose blood circulation and construct burn fat rapidly. It also inhibits the fascination of fat in the body; it also opens the pores to emit toxins that sweat rapidly.

The cost of the cream falls under the 1000 category and is priced at 400 INR, which is relatively inexpensive given its shelf life is almost 3 years. The container amount varies with the price, however, this one is a long-lasting one, and ranges from 400-1200 Indian rupees usually according to the variation that you choose to get for your necessity.

10. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream


Palmer’s is a big brand and one of the other famous products from the same company is the cream for stretch marks. This bust firming/reduction cream has vitamin E, Elastin, and collagen that helps in giving satisfying results for the breast.

You need to apply it daily to get visible outcomes on the same and it has also been rated as the best cream to reduce breast size.

Price: Rs, 570 for 126 gm.

11. Ciel Contour Firming Cream

Ciel Contour Firming Cream

The Ciel Contour Firming Cream by Clinic Dermatech preserves and enhances the benefits of bust shaping program, It is specially formulated with natural ingredients, essential oils, and actives to refine breast contours in a more appealing way.

Key Features:

  • A rich and silky smooth formulation
  • Enriched with sesame oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, rosemary, fenugreek oil, jojoba seed oil, pomelo, and ginko biloba
  • Gets absorbed into the skin fast
  • Delivers long-lasting results
  • Hydrates and replenishes the skin
  • Lifts, tones, and firms the bust line
  • Reverses and prevents further sagging
  • Diminishes the appearance of stretch marks
  • Visible improvement within 8 weeks

Price: Rs. 950 for 100 gm.

12. phos4us Bust Tightening Cream

phos4us Bust Tightening Cream

With phos4us Bust Tightening Cream, you can turn your loose and saggy breasts firm, tight, and well-toned. It also delivers enough hydration, improves skin texture, and enhances suppleness to create a perkier bust impression.

Key Features:

  • A unique blend of natural ingredients
  • Increases blood flow to the bust area
  • Provides tightening and lifting effects
  • Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin
  • Improves elasticity
  • Gives lasting firmness
  • Refines bust contours
  • Suitable for use above 18 years of age

Price: Rs. 585 for 100 gm.

Side Effects Of Breast Reduction Creams:

However, make a note of the side effects of the product, that might or might not be serious:

  • They do not penetrate deep into the dermis, where the actual problem lies.
  • Some people have also complained of irritation and rashes by using cellulite creams.
  • The product has to be used every day without fail or it ceases to work.
  • Some breast creams contain parabens.
  • They do not work the same for every woman and is time taking. They take a minimum of 4 weeks to see visible results.
  • The ingredients used in the product have a role to play. If it does not suit you, you could experience irritation or itch.
  • The results are very subtle to notice.
  • They do not really cause firming but very little firming. There is no sustained firming with these products.

On the other hand, they are perfectly safe to use. Great care is taken to include only the best of the ingredient and all of them promise positive results. The main mission of the company is to sell you the product. But always prefer creams that are paraben-free.

These are some of the Best Breast Reduction Creams in the market. As mentioned above, do not expect any miracle overnight. Most of these creams work by firming up your breast tissues and giving them a lift. Along with using them, try to exercise and use an appropriate bra to do the trick for you. You can even seek a doctor’s advice to understand what works for you better!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Breast Reduction Creams Work?

Yes, they work to some extent. However, the results are not comparable to those of breast reduction surgery as the invasive surgical procedure can always give you better outcomes.

How Many Cup Sizes Can You Reduce?

By using breast reduction creams in a regular and consistent manner, you can go down almost one or two cup sizes.

Can Coffee Reduce Breast Size?

For some women, caffeine can be a natural remedy for breast reduction. Consuming three cups of freshly brewed coffee every day may shrink the breasts considerably.

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