Can You Edit Comments On Instagram?

It’s easy to make mistakes when posting comments on Instagram posts, but is there any way to edit a comment once you’ve posted it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Instagram is still one of the most popular places to go in order to share images and videos with your followers and stay up to date with the lives of a range of different influencers and celebrities who also use the app.

You are able to interact with posts on the platform by giving them a like, but you can also easily add a comment, whether it’s just a few simple emojis or a longer chunk of text.

However, it’s easy to mistype something when posting an Instagram comment, or perhaps after posting it, you decided that you want to word it a little differently.

But is there any way to edit a comment on Instagram?

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Instagram is still used by millions across the world.

Can you edit Instagram comments?

Currently, you are not able to edit comments you have already posted on Instagram.

If you’ve decided you aren’t happy with the comment you put on someone’s post for whatever reason, you are of course able to delete the comment and post a new one.

Deleting a comment is simple — just swipe to the left, and press the trash can button. Then, just type your revised comment in the text box, and hit ‘Post.’

It’s not clear if Instagram plans to add an edit function for comments at any point, so for now, deleting and reposting is the best way to do it.

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